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Logo HeARTache-Ausstellung

Group exhibition "He ART ache"

February 03 - February 16

Group exhibition "HeARTache"


Contrary to the Valentine's Day mood around 02/14. The exhibition "HeARTache" deals with grief, anger, loneliness, the longing for what is lost and the fear of what may come, everything that makes our heart heavy. We have gathered more than a dozen artists on this topic, all of whom tell of pain in their own way, be it the very personal or the deeply rooted in society.



We have tried to do justice to the diversity of the topic and have therefore gathered artists, some of whom could not be more different in their work. From classic painting to photography, video installations and embroidered tapestries are on display here.



"Art to Go" campaign


In cooperation with the Diakonische Werken Hannover, we are running a small fundraising campaign during the exhibition.

50% of the proceeds from our "art-to-go" table, where the participating artists sell smaller works, print postcards and much more, go to the clothing store of the diakonische Werke Hannover.












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