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About us

What exactly is the Artfactory Jalokivi?

We are a small creative collective (two people to be precise).


In 2014 we moved into our premises on Dieterichsstraße, which we used as a studio and exhibition space for local artists (see Gallery Jalokivi).

At that time, the focus of our work was still analog painting, we organized small exhibitions and events in our rooms, but also at street festivals or the SNNTG festival.

Apart from a few exceptions, we were mainly in the Hanover area and participated in a wide variety of events and exhibitions.


In the course of time, the focus of our work has shifted and we began to combine analog painting with new media. A result were our augmented reality works, which we presented at the MakerFaire Hannover in 2018, and the topic of painting in virtual reality was also very much on our mind at the time.


This process ultimately led to the idea of ​​developing a video game.

We have been passionate gamers for a long time, which we have processed in numerous paintings.

Currently (2020) we are working on the video game AC-0209.

Das Team

Sascha Edelstein
Katze "Zita"
Katze "Kivi"
Jasmin Edelstein
Kater Kasimir

In Memory of Kasimir
Source of inspiration      Mood enhancer       good listener Faithful companion

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