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The Journey of AutUmn - Point&Click Adventure

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The player takes on the role of an android whose mission is to collect samples to determine the "habitability" of a planet.

But already at the beginning everything goes wrong, his capsule crashes. Now the android has to find a way to fulfill his mission with the help of his on-board AI and explores the deserted planet, meeting all sorts of animal life, some of which is kind to him and some not so much. But also on remnants of former inhabitants, as well as left behind robots and machines.




The Journey of AutUmn
Artfactory Jalokivi
Point&Click Adventure
Science-Fiction / Fantasy
Window, Linux, MacOS
german, english,
Dieterichsstraße 24,
30159 Hannover, GERMANY



Jasmin Edelstein:
Art Design | Game Design |
Story | Animations | Music |
Voice Acting

Sascha Edelstein:
Game Design | Programming | Story | Animations

An almost classic point&click adventure

Classic inventory puzzles, exploration, somehow quirky side characters? At this point, the comparison with popular classics like Monkey Island or Grim Fandango usually comes up, but we deliberately don't want to do that. Because although we have many elements of games from the good old Lucas Arts era, such as long puzzle chains or even the one or other quirky character (quirky characters on a deserted planet, how is that supposed to work? Be curious), we also find elements of modern adventure games, such as the lively environments of the Amanita Games works (e.g. Machinarium) or comfort functions, such as a hotspot display or optional help functions.

And no, there won't be any dead ends or player deaths either.

But enough of the comparisons, because our project also has one or two ideas of its own up its sleeve, which can be seen in our feature list:
  • The game is completely hand painted. Each character, each object and scenery is first analog painted with acrylic paint on wood, then digitized and optimized on the graphics tablet. This gives the game a completely unique look
  • An AI as a commenting and sometimes helping companion (but don't expect it to agree with everything you do and sometimes it can be a bit condescending).
  • A character that changes throughout the game: the journey that is the gameplay will leave its mark on our brave android.
  • A vivid environment with lots of hand-drawn background animations.
  • An easy mode for adventure novices that simplifies puzzling.
  • A lexicon that expands throughout the game and includes properties of plants and animals. This should not serve as a mere gimmick, but will be important in solving puzzles.
  • Over 50 hand-painted scenes and an estimated playtime of 6 to 8 hours.


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