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HeARTache- Künstler

Johanna Bank

The first time with us - film art!
There are three completely different films / film excerpts to see in our cozy "Jalokivi cinema"

"Nudity and endurance form the golden thread in Johanna Bank's work, this becomes particularly clear to me as a viewer of her performance. Nudity is not only a synonym for vulnerability and immediacy, but also as a thought of the unconscious To understand the unreflected. "

Text: Alina Klöpper


Screenshot aus "Stay  1"

Michael Marks

" Mr. Marks" is a young and successful animation artist who has already won several awards in his profession.

After studying at the ecosign / Academy for Design, with a focus on illustration and animation, it quickly went into self-employment.

Here is an extract from his successes:


Drawings for the movie "The Green Wave" (Grimme Prize 2011)


Drawings for the movie "Camp 14" Grimme Prize 2015)

"Nice Places To Die" (cinema)


"Vorstadtrocker" (cinema)


"Supernerds" (TV)


"Tehran Tabu" (cinema / TV)

More information at:

Screenshot aus "Hier und weg"

"Do you want meat? Or just imagining it?"

Screenshot aus "LIDL Werbespot optimiert"

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