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Sven Gräler

Oktober 2014


Sven Gräler alias STAN has been active as a stencil artist for almost 30 years. STAN's works impress with their precise choice of colors, which the trained display designer specifically uses to capture moods and sensations.


He gets inspiration for his works on his travels through Europe, where he uses the animal world as a medium to convey sensory impressions, such as the seagull with which he sees the coolness of Scandinavia, the salty breezes of the coastal cities and the feeling of freedom when looking at them symbolizes the sea. But it is not only the view into the distance that is often the subject of his works, the beauty and fascination of small, everyday things are also dealt with in his pictures. Here, too, the tendency towards nature comes to the fore by portraying the dragonfly or grasshopper, among other things. The grasshopper, inconspicuous on its own, but a real force of nature in its entirety, has become a kind of heraldic animal and trademark of STAN over the years, so it is not surprising that he is not only concerned with creating his own works, but with numerous Workshops and projects does its part to bring the medium of stencil art closer to others, not just as a craft, but as an attitude towards life.

Impressions: Vernissage

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