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Ludwig Dunkel

November 2015

We are pleased to be able to present a selection of Ludwig Dunkel's works in our gallery.
Throughout November, visitors have the opportunity to take in the dark sculptures and objects.

There are works made of wood, paint and gold leaf.

The spectrum ranges from roughly crafted to just banal at first glance

Boxes over series of small square wooden panels up to partly

meter-sized sculptures.

Due to their shape, the interplay of the old oak wood, which is loaded with history, and the pure gold, they acquire an almost archaic, sacred appearance.

In its work, dark mostly preserves that of time and long use

drawn surfaces of the starting material.

He himself expresses it in such a way that he needs what he has found in his work.

For him, it is the stories contained therein that, together with all the traces he has added, make something new and thus receive it at the same time.

Text source: Ludwig Dunkel

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