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We are making a videogame!

Aktualisiert: 23. Aug. 2019

On this Blog, we will post as regular as possible news about AC0209, our first gaming project.

For starters:

What kind of game is it?

AC-0209 is a classic point&click adventure game. Which is inspired (of course) by

classics like „Monkey Island“ or „Grim Fandango“, but also by the „Myst“-Series or modern titles like „Machinarium“

In best adventure game tradition, the player has to interact with the environment, combine objects and solve puzzles.

What is the game about? / what is the story? / What kind of tonality will it have?

In this game a astronaut finds himself on a foreign and strange planet. And he isn´t alone nearby he watches another crash landing and decides to follow the trail to this landingspot, hoping to get answers to his questions. How he landed up there? What is this place? And most of all, is he able to leave it and get back home?

That possibly sounds like a pretty dark or serios game. In fact we intend to make it colorful and funny, but also kind of mysterious and a little bit pensive.

For which languages it will be located?

Short answer: none. The slightly longer answer is: We decided to tell our story without any form of speech or text. Thats quite a challenge for an adventure game. But we made this decision, because we want to tell things over the graphics and not over a text, which is fades in and simply tells the player, what he is seen right now. That puts the player (that is at least the plan) in the same position as the astronaut. He is in a foreign place, knows nothing and is completly alone and have to find out everything, without explainations or manuals.

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