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Update 09/02/2020

Hi Guys,

It's been a lot of time since our last post here. There are several reasons for this:

First and foremost, there is this pandemic (you may have noticed it), which has also shaken up our everyday lives a bit.

The second reason why it has been quiet about our project for so long is the fact that we have tried to find financing options, which has also consumed a lot of energy. And by the way with the experiences we made with our first test attempts we put us back to the drawing board and have completely changed some things again. We will tell you in another post about that.

The good news is that the effort was worth it and that we received funding from Nordmedia, who found our project very interesting but also made us understand that we should perhaps approach the project in a more structured manner. ;-)

So we are now two steps back and we are carefully planning everything. And you know what? It now feels like real game development.

With the support of Nordmedia, we now have completely different options. And now we are starting to realize: We're actually making a video game.

We are now trying (for real this time) to keep you up to date on a regular basis.

Take care and stay healthy.

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