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  • Sascha Edelstein

Developer Diary 6 - One last time (at least for this year)

Our next blog entry, which will also be the last of this year, arrives a little late. But why the delay? Did something interesting happened that stopped us? No, actually quite the opposite. There was simply nothing new to report. And so we thought, we'd better wait until we have something to tell. So let's get started.

Work on the concept almost finished

We have put a lot of work and energy into our

game concept in the

last few months. Who would have thought that there is so much to consider in a point & click adventure?

We have set the basic mechanics, but also almost all of the game's puzzle chains have been "pre-designed". What was pretty exhausting, so much can already been revealed at this point. When we started last year, our little tech demo grew rather organically. When we had an idea, it was simply inserted, when something no longer fit, we kicked it out. Getting the entire gameplay down on paper before getting down to the practical work has robbed us of more nerves than we would have thought at the beginning. But we've gathered so many great ideas that we'd like to tell you about right now, but then we'd spoil our own game, which would be kind of stupid. We will of course publish a few "sneak peeks" over and over again in the coming months. But you should be very curious, it will definitely be wild.

Next funding approval

In keeping with the approaching completion of our conceptual work, we recently received the approval for our prototype funding from Nordmedia. We are of course pleased that we were able to convince Nordmedia of our project this time as well and that we are receiving further financial support. So we are now very motivated to work on our prototypes.

One last greeting and then the year is almost over again

I'm probably not barking up the wrong tree when I say that pretty much everyone in December 2019 was wrong when trying to imagine 2020. This also applies to us. And it is hardly dare to say (or write) in view of the rampant pandemic, the lockdown and the general uncertainty that can be felt everywhere, but for us this year also had its positive aspects. We received so much encouragement from all sides for our project, which is so important because, to be honest, it often felt like the whole thing was getting too much for us. This little innocent idea that we had last year and that we wanted to tinker with on the side, almost without a budget, has somehow become a kind of serious project that has gradually grown in scope and effort. And although we have no experience and most of the time have the feeling that we don't really know what we are doing, you all give us the feeling that you have no doubt that we will already know. We are very happy about this trust. We will then get back to you in January and write a little about the timetable for the next few months. Until then, we all have to wish us all a happy new year, regardless of the adverse circumstances facing us this year, even if they don't just fizzle out as soon as the clock strikes midnight on 31st. But after all, the good things won't either. Stay healthy!

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