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  • Sascha Edelstein

developer diary 3 - pitch meeting incoming

Hello everybody,

We already reported in the first part of our developer diary that we had applied for the next round of funding from Nordmedia GmbH. Now we have received an invitation to the pitch meeting and have the opportunity to convince a committee of our project. It will definitely be super exciting.

If our project really will be funded, we can begin working from

December on our prototypes. Some of you have already tried out a very early test version at MakerFaire and / or the AdventureTreff, we are very curious about your opinion, because there will be a lot of changes.

All in all we are of course very excited. A second funding would significantly increase our financial scope for the project. For example, the budget for professional dubbing for the prototype would also be included there.

In case you're wondering what the prototype is all about: There are different forms of prototypes, we are planning ours as a “vertical slice”, i.e. a fully functional section of the game that should represent the finished game, in other words: a classic game demo. We'll be happy to tell you more about this next time, when we know how well the meeting went.

But one thing we can confidently state: A release 2020, as we naively envisaged last year, will of course no longer exist. The whole project has grown too big for that in the past few months.

See you next time and stay healthy.

PS: At the moment the so-called Inktober is taking place again. Jasmin takes part this year and creates a painting/drawing every day including our astronaut in combination with the given topic (sometimes with animation). If you want to see that, you just have to take a look at Instagram, where we load the pictures into our story every day.

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