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  • Jasmin Edelstein

Developer Diary 2 - Inspiration

How have the last few weeks been? Imaginative.

We can be really happy because we've come up with so many different things. We currently have more ideas than a spectrum of light has colors.

We are only just beginning to properly build our game world, it is becoming more tangible and already it is as if our little astronaut is always there, no matter where we go. His character is formed, we know exactly what decision he will make in this or that situation, we know how he is and what he thinks.

We have now completed our concept for the first level and have already overturned and changed already existing game sequences. More sources of inspiration for the game seeming to lurk around every corner, we can't switch off, but we don't even want to.

We often visit our parks, here in Hanover. Every flower, every bush ... could be another element of the game. What the black pine for one is an extraterrestrial way of life for the other. Noises also trigger us, our cat's purring, clearly sounds like our Felis Tinea (a being in the game). Fragments from classical literature also find their way into "AC-0209", like "Inferno" by Dante.

Just so much, there is a connection in our minds to a certain character from “Inferno”, who came to our minds at the Port of Hamburg (we made a short trip to Hamburg and also walked past the port).

Unfortunately, we had to think of a swamp, the port is so dirty in many ways. The colorful ferries that take people to the Musicals do not hide it. In Hanover it is of course no different, our Maschsee often has to suffer. But we can still enjoy him since he is still beautiful, we can protect him and we would like to protect him. And the Port of Hamburg, it can still glitter in the morning light.

And if we let everything go down the drain, then in maybe 100 years there will be a little astronaut who lands on a deserted earth.Wie waren die letzten Wochen? Ideenreich. Wir sind wirklich zufrieden, denn wir haben so viele verschiedene Dinge erdacht. Wir haben mehr Ideen als ein Lichtspektrum Farben.

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