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AC - 0209




ArtFactory Jalokivi




PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Furthermore, in planning: IOS, Android, Switch

Story / Scenario:

The player assumes the role of an astronaut who awakens in a crashed space capsule on an alien planet. How does he get there? Where is he? What is his mission? These questions are for the player to fathom, to do so, he makes his way through a mysterious world and quickly finds out that he has not landed there by chance.

Special feature:

The game is completely hand painted. Each figure, each object and backdrop is first painted analogue with acrylic paint on wood, then digitized and optimized on a graphics tablet. This gives the game a completely unique look.

About us:

We are two technical writers and artists from Hannover, Germany. Since 2014, we have our own studio, from which we organize art projects. We are classic analog painters, but we also like to work with digital media and like to mix them with our analog work (for example, we made an augmented reality function for some of our paintings). In addition, we are also avid gamers and have for years the desire to develop a game ourselves. Now "AC-0209" is the first gaming project.


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