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AC - 0209

Press Kit



Artfactory Jalokivi

Based in Hannover Metropolitan Region,





Release date:




PC, Linux, MacOS,  IOS



The player takes on the role of an android whose task is to collect samples to determine the "habitability" of a planet.

But everything goes wrong right at the beginning, his capsule crashes. Now the android has to find a way to fulfill his mission with the help of his on-board AI and explores the abandoned planet, encountering all kinds of animal life, sometimes friendly and sometimes less so. But he also encounters remnants of previous inhabitants, as well as robots and machines left behind.
The game is completely hand-painted. Every character, every object and every backdrop is first painted analog on wood with acrylic paint, then digitized and optimized on the graphics tablet. This gives the game a completely unique look.

About us

We are two technical writers and artists from Hannover. Since 2014 we have our own studio from which we carry out art projects and although we are classically analog painters, we have also incorporated technical components into our paintings from time to time (for example, paintings with augmented reality function). Since we are also enthusiastic gamers, we have been wanting to develop a game ourselves for years. "AC-0209" is now the first gaming project.




  • The game is completely hand painted. Each character, each object and scenery is first analog painted with acrylic paint on wood, then digitized and optimized on the graphics tablet. This gives the game a completely unique look.

  • An AI as a commenting and sometimes helping companion (but don't expect it to agree with everything you do and sometimes it can be a bit condescending).

  • A character that changes throughout the game: the journey that is the gameplay will leave its mark on our brave android.

  • A vivid environment with lots of hand-drawn background animations.

  • An easy mode for adventure novices that simplifies puzzling.

  • A lexicon that expands throughout the game and includes properties of plants and animals. This should not serve as a mere gimmick, but will be important in solving puzzles.

  • Over 50 hand-painted scenes and an estimated playtime of 6 to 8 hours.

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